Rap star T.I. been lined up to produce Wyclef Jean's forthcoming album - and insists he was "honoured" to be involved with the former FUGEE. The rapper, real name Clifford Harris, will take the role of executive producer on The Second Wind, and has dubbed the star's new material "outrageous". He says, "It was definitely an honour. I'm pleased to be involved. The album is outrageous. It's out of here. It's better than the last one. I think it's more of an infusion of one side of the urban market and the worldly market. "Wyclef has shown time and time again that he can do any kind of music with any kind of artist and he can deliver whatever's necessary to get this project or whatever project from point A to point B, from ground level to superstar status. He's always kept it real and he's been the same person, so I'm honoured to be able to work with him."