FUGEES star Wyclef Jean was so determined to vote in the Haitian elections he broke a number of international laws and used his links to pal Angelina Jolie to get home to beat ballot deadlines.

The GONE 'TIL NOVEMBER singer played a free Fugees reunion concert in Los Angeles on 6 February (06) and then had a mad dash across America, through the Dominican Republic to his homeland so his vote would count.

He explains, "The way that I got there was crazy. No flights were going into Haiti... I caught a plane from California to Miami, and then caught a plane from Miami to the Dominican Republic.

"As I had a Haitian passport and no visa for the Dominican Republic, I thought some Prime Minister (official) would meet us but nobody came, so we had to hustle our way (to Haiti).

"We told them we were supposed to have a helicopter waiting for us to take us to Haiti - the same helicopter that took Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt there last month, so they let us through.

"We got hustled by helicopter pilots trying to sell us on their choppers. We then had to find a phone to get clearance on the ground in Haiti and the voting booths were closing at six o'clock.

"Finally we got in the chopper and we arrived in a closed airport and barely made it. It's one of those things I'll always remember. But I voted. You have to vote."