Wyclef Jean has vowed to continue his charity work in Haiti if he is found ineligible to run in the country's upcoming presidential election.
The former Fugees star wants to stand as a candidate when the Caribbean nation goes to the polls in November (10), but he is waiting for an announcement from electoral officials over whether he meets the criteria.
The decision is due on Friday (20Aug10), but Jean insists that even if he is unsuccessful in his political bid, he will keep working in the country to improve conditions following the devastating earthquake which rocked the nation in January (10).
He tells Larry King, "If I'm turned down... what we will do is, we have the movement for the youth, which is called Fas a Fas and the political party, which is called Vive a Sum, living together. We will continue to fight in the sense of how can we work with the new government, the administration... to give kids (a good education), which is one of the number one things in the constitution, the Haitian constitution, (that) says all kids should have privilege to a free education. And that's something that we're going to push on, whether I make it or not."
Jean previously headed his own charity in the country, Yele Haiti, but stepped down when he announced plans to run for the presidency.