Hip-hop star Wyclef Jean and actress Maria Bello are calling for more action to help rebuild earthquake-ravaged Haiti, exactly six months on from the disaster.
The former Fugees star and the Coyote Ugly actress have been part of the relief efforts since the devastating tremor hit the nation on 12 January (10).
But despite being impressed with the amount of money that has been raised to overcome the earthquake, both stars claim victims of the tragedy are still suffering because they aren't getting enough aid.
On Monday (12Jul10) - the six-month anniversary of the quake - Jean and Bello appeared on U.S. talk show Larry King Live to appeal for more action.
Jean tells stand-in host Soledad O'Brien, "I think you know, the main obstacle is basically, there is not enough to go around, which means you can give tons of food every day. You can give water every day. The problem is so big that you have to just basically shrink it down. The way that you shrink it down for these kids, it would be the focus of education, one, and... some form of job creation, too."
Bello adds, "Today is a really emotional day for all of our Haitian friends, that what the needs were six months ago, the day after the earthquake, the week after when I was there are the same now. People still need water, food and shelter and rubble removal. And it's shocking to me... You really see that the people are getting really frustrated. Everyone is asking where is this aid? Where is all this money that has been promised?
"So many people survived. And for us right now, it's all about reconstructing, bringing this normalcy (sic) back to the kids... It's such an incredible country, such resilient people, that we know, moving forward, it's going to be extraordinary. We can't forget. It's all about not forgetting. We can't forget Haiti."