U2 frontman Bono thrilled guests at a ball hosted by Wyclef Jean in Monte Carlo by joining the rapper onstage unannounced. Jean was hosting the annual Monaco Grand Prix Ball on Saturday (27MAY06) when the Beautiful Day rocker delivered an impassioned duet of REDEMPTION SONG. Bono sung on Formula One boss Flavio Briatore's yacht earlier that day, and arrived without warning with rapper SHAWN 'Jay-Z' CARTER in tow. Jay-Z remained silent during the performance and within 10 minutes of its conclusion, the pair were gone. The Ball raised more than $1 million (GBP555,000) for Jean's charity, Yele Haiti, which promotes development in Jean's home country. The former FUGEES singer was close to tears when he spoke to the crowd about his native Haiti, but insisted, "Just because I cried doesn't mean I'm going to be soft in the auction." Charity items were auctioned off to raise funds for the organisation and model Petra Nemcova offered to pose with the winner of a Tahitian black pearl necklace worn by Angelina Jolie, which helped boost the winning bid on the item to 92,815 (GBP52,000).