Wu-Tang Clan co-founder RZA is facing a legal battle with his ex-girlfriend for their four-year-old daughter to have a bigger share of his wealth.

Jamie Summers wants New York state to officially name Rza, real name ROBERT DIGGS, as the father of RAHINDIA - and she also wants more cash for their offspring.

And, according to Summers' lawyer, the sudden death of Rza's cousin OL' DIRTY BASTARD last year (04), is what prompted her seek more cash for the child.

Summer tells American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, "I go to school, I work, I'm not a gold-digger. I just want what my daughter's entitled to. And that's a fair share of his estate... his other children have a fair share.

"It hurts at time because I wish sometimes we could be as a family and things could have worked out, but it didn't. And when I see my child's face and she looks exactly like her dad it's just very hurtful.

"We didn't have to do it this way. I do love him, I do have respect for him but, I mean, for goodness sake this is your child, this is your flesh and blood."

Summers, who says Rahindia and Rza are regularly in contact with each other, will face the hip-hop star in court on Valentine's Day (14FEB05).

08/02/2005 02:55