Wu-Tang Clan rapper RZA has paid tribute to OL' DIRTY BASTARD, insisting his late bandmate was a "free spirit" who has left him with many fond memories. RZA - real name Robert Diggs - still mourns the passing of his late friend, who died in 2004. He says, "I remember one time - and I hate to say this about him because he's not here - but one show, when it was time for his part, he was backstage getting a head job (fellatio). "We just kept going and then he came onstage pulling his s**t (trousers) up, like, 'Yo...' "He once came to Cali (California) and did a show at the Key Club. At one point there was, like, 10 guys onstage rapping his parts, and they turned the lights on, and ODB's at the bar. Ten minutes later he took a p**s on the stage. "That's ODB for you. He was a free spirit."