Wu-Tang Clan rapper RZA has come clean about the 1998 riot that almost led to his untimely death at a California show - he started it.

The hip-hop star admits he was "the problem" that sparked the infamous club fight that ended with late bandmate OL' DIRTY BASTARD pulling out a gun on stage and firing it into the rafters, clearing the venue.

He says, "Some n**ga looked at me funny, and I threw my drink in his face, and he was a tough dude and wanted to fight. So we beat his a*s and security came, and we were beating security's a*s.

"I remember taking my chair and just breaking the whole bar up. Then a n**ga pulled a gun on me, two feet away, and Dirty caught him before he had a chance to shoot me. It was pandemonium."

Ironically, the show went on for the rap supergroup and it was one of their best.

RZA, real name ROBERT DIGGS, regrets the group's violent shows and their bombastic manner because it has won them many enemies in the music industry.

He explains, "Wu-Tang Clan came in so egotistic, so aggressive, that we basically made no friends in the rest of the industry."