Wu-Tang Clan member OL' DIRTY BASTARD died over a year ago (13NOV04), but the battle over the rapper's estate is still raging on. The rapper's widow, ICELENE JONES and his former manager, JARRED WEISFELD, are at odds over whether to support the four children the rapper, whose real name was RUSSELL JONES, fathered out of wedlock. The rapper's wife, who is the executor of his estate, is allegedly refusing to support ODB's other children. Weisfeld tells the New York Daily News, "I've spent $10,000 (GBP5,900) out of my pocket on DNA tests, clothes, books and school for his kids." Although ODB signed the birth certificates for two of the children and another has been confirmed as his child through DNA testing, Jones' wife is refusing to acknowledge them. Weisfeld also claims that she is attempting to cheat ODB's mother, Cherry Jones, out of money from posthumous album that hasn't been released yet. Jones's widow is also reportedly shopping for a book deal.