Two women claiming to have parented children with OL' DIRTY BASTARD, appeared in a New York City court last week (27FEB07) to fight the late rapper's widow for part of his estate. SUZY WONG and CHERYL MCCALL allege the Wu-Tang Clan rapper fathered their 11-year-old children and submitted objections at Brooklyn Surrogate Court to widow ICELENE JONES' claims that only she and her three children should be entitled to the star's money. Wong and MCCall are just two of five women who claim they have had children with the hip-hop star, whose real name was RUSSELL JONES. Like ODB's mother Cherry Jones and ex-manager JARRED WEISFELD before them, Wong and MCCall claim Icelene was estranged from the rapper at the time of his November 2004 death and her relationship with him was significantly shorter than she claims. Speaking in court on Tuesday (27FEB07), Wong said, "We wanted to make objections to Icelene being the administrator, and her accounting. She's playing the sorry and sad widow, but the truth is they hadn't had a marital relationship for 12 years." Wong and MCCall submitted their objections in typed form, however Judge MARGARITA LOPEZ TORRES advised the pair to get a lawyer before making a formal filing, the New York Post reports. They are supported in their battle by Cherry and Weisfeld. The pair have accused Icelene of squandering $200,000 (GBP102,000) of ODB's estate, but she insists any problems have been down to her former lawyer STEVEN MANDEL. ODB died of a drug overdose in a Manhattan recording studio on 13 November 2004.