Wu-Tang Clan rapper GZA has declined an invitation to appear as himself in an upcoming biopic about late bandmate OL' DIRTY BASTARD.
The tragic star died of a drug overdose in November 2004 but he's to be resurrected onscreen by The Wire actor Michael K. Williams in forthcoming film Dirty White Boy.
Williams recently revealed the surviving members of the Gravel Pit hitmakers have been asked to star as themselves as the movie's producers "have no desire to cast any actors as the Wu-Tang".
But a representative for Gza tells Pitchfork.com, "I will tell you 100 per cent he is not appearing in the Odb/Jarred Weisfeld movie. I can't speak for the rest of the group, but definitely not true about Gza."
Dirty White Boy will centre on the final years of the hip-hop star's life and focus on Ol' Dirty Bastard's friendship with Jarred Weisfeld, an inexperienced production assistant who charmed his way into becoming the star's manager.