Wu-Tang Clan star Ghostface Killah has launched a scathing attack on G-UNIT rapper Tony Yayo over claims he didn't write his acclaimed album SUPREME CLIENTELE. Yayo claims the hip-hop star - real name Dennis Coles - sought help from American Cream Team rapper Superb, an affiliate of Wu-Tang's Raekwon, to write the 2000 album classic. But Coles angrily denies the claims, insisting Superb is not talented enough to make an album. He says, "(Superb) is Rae (Raekwon)'s man. He been in the studio a few times while we're doing s**t. He ain't write (sic) s**t. "All 'Perb contributed was a couple of lines that you could put in the air. When we write, we all do that. 'Say this one right here' or 'Put this one right here.' We all catch lines with each other 'cause you in the studio. "He couldn't make an album, you feel me? I made Supreme Clientele what it is. Those are my stories, based around whatever they're based upon. It's me... But, Yayo can suck a fat d**k. Tell him I said that."