The surviving members of rap supergroup Wu-Tang Clan have reunited to record a tribute to late bandmate OL' DIRTY BASTARD.

The eight-strong band have recorded ODB tribute I GO THROUGH LIFE for the late rapper's posthumous album, which he was working on when he died in November (04).

Wu-Tang Clan star RZA tells Billboard.COM, "Every member is on it so far, besides Ghostface Killah. Method Man was the first guy to do his verse. Raekwon and GZA did their verses pronto.

"I had to take some time with U-GOD. Cappadonna is on it also. All I need is my Ghostface verse and it will be one of the first recordings in three or four years with every member again.

"This is a gift to ODB and the fans, so the fans can feel our love. Everybody's got something to say about it. Raekwon had one line like, 'One day I'll put a statue in my house to resemble you /so my son can resemble you.'"

RZA reveals he's keeping the recording under lock and key to avoid it appearing on the Internet before it's released, but he has impressed all those who have heard the track.

He adds, "Me and QUENTIN (TARANTINO) were hanging out a couple weeks ago. He came by my studio and I played it for him, and he said he caught a chill."

10/02/2005 21:26