British rockers WU LYF have accused marketing bosses at car manufacturer Toyota of using their music in a "sexist" Tv advertisement without their authorisation.

The indie foursome was stunned to hear its tune Heavy Pop used as the soundtrack for the commercial, which shows a series of men living out their speed dreams and buying the sporty Gt86 model, before being lambasted by angry wives and girlfriends furious about the purchase.

One of the bandmates has now taken to the group's page to vent about the unlawful song use, insisting Wu Lyf have not received any royalties from the project.

A message posted online on Tuesday (13Nov12) reads: "To anybody interested as to why we are featured in a Toyota advert: We too are interested to know why our music is featured in a sexist sports car advert that encourages men to live out their 'inner chauvinist'.

"We have not consented to this, we have not earned a penny from this and on behalf of the band I am f**king angry about this."

It is not known which of the rockers was responsible for the Facebook blog post.