Woody Harrelson once tried to fight a "gang" of hooligans.

The actor admits he was ready to face the group, despite having limited weapons at his disposal, and was only able to escape the confrontation at the last minute when he was recognised for his infamous role of mass murderer Mickey Knox in 'Natural Born Killers'.

He revealed: "I once took on a whole gang. I only had two stones to defend myself. I did feel a bit queasy at that time. Only at the last minute one of them realised I was the guy from 'Natural Born Killers'."

The fearless 48-year-old star also had a brush with death when a kite surfing adventure went wrong and left him swimming with sharks.

He told Germany's GQ magazine: "I love kite surfing. It often just takes a second and the wind takes you three stories higher. And when it dies down you land in the water.

"I've often landed miles away from the shore and had to swim back. Once I had to swim through shark infested waters but I was swearing so loudly none of those beasts dared to come near me."