The Hunger Games star, 55, was scheduled to shoot his movie Lost in London in the British capital in the early hours of Friday (20Jan17) morning, and live-stream it to more than 500 cinemas in the U.S.

However the shoot was nearly thrown into chaos when one of its locations, Waterloo Bridge, was shut down due to the discovery of an unexploded Second World War bomb in London's River Thames.

The discovery led officials to close off the location for several hours on Thursday (19Jan17).

Fortunately for Woody, the bridge was reopened on Thursday evening, hours before Lost In London was due to begin filming.

According to the BBC, the star was stunned by the timing of the discovery.

"That thing has been there for 70 years and they discover it tonight?" He told the BBC in an interview after filming ended. "That's impossible!"

While Woody's bold movie-making appear to have been well received the actor turned filmmaker is in no hurry to repeat his experiment,"I would never do this again. No way. It felt like walking on a high wire," he insisted.

The White Men Can't Jump's co-star Owen Wilson appeared to have enjoyed himself on set a lot more, "It was pretty thrilling. I had a lot of anxiety about doing it a couple of weeks ago but we practised... and I was really happy to be a part of it. Maybe I should start doing theatre," he smiled.

Lost in London, the actor's directorial debut, was inspired by a 2002 incident which saw Woody arrested for causing criminal damage to a taxi cab after a night out at nightspot Chinawhite.

"I guess it really was one of those nights that I would have gone to quite a lot of trouble to erase from my life. I wish to God I could excise it, he told the Guardian in a recent interview. "But I thought about it a lot. It stuck with me. I've been to jail many times, but this one ... It was a complete bummer. But later I thought, 'Hey, this could be pretty funny.'"

Despite British police officers ordering several other road closures in the area, the Lost in London live shoot went ahead as planned and the film, which also stars country musician Willie Nelson, was well received by audiences.

After watching the movie, Oscar winning actress Brie Larson wrote on Twitter, "Big congratulation (sic) to the incredible cast and crew of #lostinlondon...SO COOL."

Watch the trailer for Live In London: