Woody Harrelson has been playing the hero. And we're not talking a new film role here; the Hollywood actor had to rescue Ryan Gosling in New York last Friday night (August 3, 2012) when he was besieged by a group of over-zealous female fans. It's normally Gosling that's playing the superhero - breaking up fights, rescuing women from being run over on the streets of New York, but this time it looks as though he was lucky that Woody was around to save his skin.
The scary incident happened at the premiere of Harrelson's new play, 'Bullet for Adolf,' which is currently running Off Broadway. A source, who was present at Friday's show, told New York Daily News that a group of "overexcited female fans" cornered the Drive star during the show's interval and prompted Harrelson to step in and play bodyguard. The source added that Woody was "super nice about it, but made it clear that people needed to back up" and move away from Gosling. Gosling wasn't the only star in attendance, apparently. Matthew Mcconaughey, Demi Moore, Joan Rivers, Will Ferrell and Marlo Thomas were all there too, although it doesn't seem as if any of them needed extra protection against any hyped-up admirers.
Reviews for Harrelson's play are looking good so far, with Entertainment Weekly saying "Bullet for Adolf is filled with go-for-broke comedy that works far more often than it doesn't. Harrelson and Hyman have peppered the dialogue with funny one-liners and retorts that can turn a typically staid theater crowd into a bunch of spectators cheering on a game of the dozens."