Woody Harrelson can't watch horror films.

The 'Rampart' actor admits he enjoys watching all kinds of movies, apart from this which scare him, as he has trouble sleeping when he does view them.

He said: "I like all kinds of films. I just don't much like to watch horror movies 'cos they scare me. I get scared easily.

"I actually do have trouble sleeping. I love 'Harold and Maud' and 'Cool Hand Luke', it's so beautifully crafted as a film, but it's got that incredible performance by Paul Newman."

In addition, Woody loves British TV show 'Shameless', and reveals he was asked to audition for a leading role in the US version.

He told Esquire magazine: "I loved 'Shameless'. I never saw the American version; I was asked to play the part William H. Macy got. I said to myself, I don't think I can make the show as good as the original. And I don't think I can play that part as good as David Threlfall did.

"A backhanded compliment to be considered to play a drunk bum? I know. It's perfect for me, right?"