Woody Harrelson surprised a homeless woman in New York on Sunday (June 17, 2012) with an unprompted act of generosity. The Cheers actor was leaving actress Carol Kane's 60th birthday bash at Hell's Kitchen, when the woman asked him for some spare change. Woody decided to go one better than that and rather than scrabbling around in his wallet for coins, he went straight for the bank notes and handed over $600 to the stunned woman.
As he handed over the generous donation, the woman suddenly recognised her benefactor and is reported to have exclaimed "Woody! White men Can jump!" in reference to his 1992 film, which claims quite the opposite. Woody's not the only celebrity who's been dishing out generous wads of cash recently; Bradley Cooper recently sent his assistants out to buy thousands of dollars worth of clothing for the homeless people of Philadelphia whilst he was filming 'The Silver Linings Playbook'. He reportedly even gave one guy the very jacket that he was wearing at the time.
The city of New York seems to inspire acts of heroism in our Hollywood stars. In fact, Ryan Gosling seems to be the go-to guy if you find yourself in a spot of bother in the city these days. Not only has he recently broken up a street fight in the metropolis, but he also stopped a British journalist from getting run over recently too. Perhaps someone needs to tell him that if he wants a part as a super-hero, he's just going to have to audition like everybody else.