Woody Harrelson partied until 6am before the 'Free Birds' premiere.

The 52-year-old actor stayed up drinking with his brother until three hours before he was due to walk the red carpet to promote the family animated adventure, and although his co-star Owen Wilson was happy to help ease his hangover by doing extra interviews to cover for him, he couldn't resist revelling in Woody's discomfort.

Speaking on TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live, Woody said: ''You know, it's for kids and stuff, and I'm like walking around ... not pretty.

''But what was terrible was, Owen, you know. We're doing these interviews together and I told him ahead of time, 'Dude, you're going to be ... doing all the heavy lifting here.'

''He said 'No problem, just leave it to me.' He'd talk for a while and then he'd suddenly go, 'What do you think buddy?' And I'd be like, ' Huh? Well... I agree with you.' ''

Woody previously told how director Jimmy Hayward was forced to ban him and Owen from recording their lines together, because they weren't working hard enough.

He said: ''It was terrible, we thought we were good but we were our own best audience and the director separated us, there was a little bit of not getting enough done.''

Owen added: ''We made the argument we are used to acting in movies where you have somebody to bounce stuff off and there were two sessions where we were together, but the director didn't feel we were very productive so they decided to separate us. That probably ended up being more efficient.''