Movie actor Woody Harrelson's father, a convicted murderer, has died of a heart attack in prison. He was 69. CHARLES HARRELSON, who was serving two life sentences in Colorado's high-security Supermax prison for the 1979 murder of a federal judge, was found dead in his cell last Thursday (15MAR07). Fremont County Coroner DOROTHY TWELLMAN has concluded Harrelson probably died in his sleep. She says, "It appears to be very sudden." Harrelson was convicted of murdering US District Judge John Wood outside his San Antonio, Texas home in May 1979. He denied the killing, but prosecutors said a drug dealer paid him $250,000 (GBP128,000) to assassinate Wood so he would not preside over a trial. Harrelson had earlier been found guilty of, and served time for, a 1968 killing.