WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP star Woody Harrelson left movie industry executives in shock when he raced a pal up the HOTEL ROOSEVELT sign high above Hollywood Boulevard at a premiere party.

The movie star was trying to be on his best behaviour at the AFTER THE SUNSET premiere party on the roof of the hotel after his agent told him to curb his wild ways.

But when a pal called ROB challenged him to climb the scaffolding holding the hotel's huge famous red neon sign up, he couldn't resist.

He recalls, "Rob jumps over the fence, which is to keep people away from the edge, I jump over the fence and we go up to the thing and just start climbing like crazy.

"We get all the way to the top of the thing, I beat him up to the top, and I come back down and my agent's there, JEREMY, and he's like, 'Woody, I've done everything I can to try to present you in the right light. You got the president of NEW LINE and Dreamworks and Harvey Weinstein and all these people in the industry who just saw you climb that thing, man.'

"And I said, 'Y'know, at least they know now I can do an action film.'"

15/11/2004 09:23