Woody Harrelson is using press for his movie comeback in After the Sunset to blast author John Grisham for insisting the actor didn't get work on his A TIME TO KILL adaptation.

Harrelson was slated to play the lead in the hit thriller until Grisham insisted the part went to then-newcomer Matthew Mcconaughey.

Harrelson claims Grisham ousted him because he had starred in NATURAL BORN KILLERS - a film the author credited for inspiring a killing spree that left a friend dead.

He fumes, "I do know that John Grisham did try to get a court case going. I just don't like hypocrisy. He didn't want me to play the part that Matthew McConaughey played in A Time To Kill, which he wrote, because I was in Natural Born Killers.

"He felt that a person that he knew was killed by these teenagers who'd been watching it. I doubt that was their primary reason for going on whatever spree they went on, but regardless he nixed me in the movie specifically because I was in Natural Born Killers."

Harrelson was then dumbfounded when Grisham then made a movie with REGENCY FILMS, which was the company behind Oliver Stone's controversial Killers film.

He adds, "I think that Grisham is a hypocrite."

13/11/2004 02:43