Former CHEERS star Woody Harrelson has announced that he and his wife LAURA are expecting their third child.

Last night (11OCT05), Harrelson went against his wife's wishes and announced the good news a few weeks too early, during an appearance on comedian David Letterman's chat show.

He said, "Can I tell you something that I'm really not supposed to say? I think my wife, who's watching this, is gonna be p**sed at me... We are gonna have a third member of the family, I'd like to announce right now.

"The wife is preggers and we've narrowed it down to me, so I'm excited. She said not to say anything until the end of the first trimester but I think that's pessimistic."

And Harrelson, already the father to two little girls, insists he's not concerned about the sex of his youngest offspring, adding, "I hear boys are a lot of work and these girls have been working out like gangbusters. So either way I'm happy."