Woody Harrelson and Daryl Hannah were among the stars on hand at the 14th annual ENVIRONMENTAL MEDIA AWARDS (EMA) on Wednesday(17NOV04) - where hemp use became the night's running joke.

Presenter Andy Dick got the ball rolling, when he took to the stage at the Los Angeles event and made a joke announcement about his clothing. He told the audience, "The suit is hemp, and later on backstage, I am going to take my suit off, roll it up, and have some fun."

When Harrelson took to the stage to introduce Willie Nelson,who won the EMA Missions in Music Award, the gags continued when Nelson said, "I had such a great speech written for y'all tonight; it was long, it was funny. But I wrote it on hemp paper and left it backstage. Now, I'm not accusing nobody of nothing, but I saw one guy back there smoking his coat!"

KILL BILL star Hannah was among those receiving a special award or ongoing activism.

22/11/2004 09:26