American folk legend Woody Guthrie's lost Yiddish songs are to be aired for the first time thanks to New York City klezmer group THE KLEZMATICS.

The THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND folk hero was a huge fan of Jewish culture when he was growing up in New York and wrote pages of unpublished lyrics about Hanukkah, Jewish history and spirituality.

He was reportedly encouraged to delve further into Jewish mysticism and history by his mother-in-law ALIZA GREENBLATT.

And now the lost tunes and lyrics have been unearthed and recorded by The Klezmatics on their new album HAPPY JOYOUS HANUKA.

Guthrie's son ARLO, who will join The Klezmatics to perform the songs in concert, says, "The more time that goes by, the bigger a picture we get of the guy (Woody Guthrie).

"This is just another element to a picture that's still developing."

07/12/2004 00:02