Woody Allen's latest film 'Midnight In Paris' is set to go on general release in the UK on October 7th amidst a slew of critical praise ringing in its creator's ears. However, the famed director, writer and actor has admitted that he initially had misgivings about casting leading actors Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams together, following their previous work in comedy 'Wedding Crashers.'
'Midnight In Paris,' a romantic comedy centring around a family travelling to the French capital for business, has been receiving glowing reviews - The Guardian for instance describing it as Allen "getting his groove back." Talking to The Press Association though, the 75 year-old was in typically candid mood, saying "I didn't like the fact they had worked together in a picture before," though he did admit "I was certain I wanted Rachel. I saw her in the film and thought she was sensational. She was beautiful, sexy and funny, and I wanted to work with her."
Having since warmed to Wilson as well, Allen was effusive in what the 42 year-old had brought to the role of lead character Gil. "He personifies that in his whole delivery. He's relaxed and is a beach lover. It gives the character a whole different dimension."
The film is Allen's first to be released since last year's 'You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger,' released to mixed reviews at that the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.