Woody Allen's daughter has hit back at him for denying allegations he sexually abused her.

Dylan Farrow, who claims the 'Blue Jasmine' director molested her when she was seven, insists she will not be ''silenced'' by the Hollywood star, 78, who said his open letter in the New York Times on Friday (07.02.14), in which he blamed his ex-partner Mia Farrow for exploiting their adopted child, would be his ''final word'' on the matter.

After reading the filmmaker's response, the 28 year old released the following statement today (08.02.14): ''Once again, Woody Allen is attacking me and my family in an effort to discredit and silence me - but nothing he says or writes can change the truth. For 20 years, I have never wavered in describing what he did to me. I will carry the memories of surviving these experiences for the rest of my life.

''His op-ed is the latest rehash of the same legalese, distortions and outright lies he has levelled at me for the past 20 years.

''He insists my mother brought criminal charges - in fact, it was a paediatrician who reported the incident to the police based on my first-hand account. He suggests that no one complained of his misconduct prior to his assault on me - court documents show that he was in treatment for what his own therapist described as 'inappropriate' behaviour with me from as early as 1991.''

She added: ''He offers a carefully worded claim that he passed a lie detector test - in fact, he refused to take the test administered by the state police (he hired someone to administer his own test, which authorities refused to accept as evidence).''

Woody initially faced allegations in 1992 during a custody battle with Mia, but they were later dropped without charge.