Following the success of Midnight in Paris and the announcement that To Rome With Love will premiere in North America at the Los Angeles Film Festival, Woody Allen has confirmed that he intends to leave Europe behind for his next movie. The 76 year-old spoke to reporters at the world premiere of To Rome With Love, a comedy set in Italy and revealed that his next movie will be set mainly in San Francisco, with a small part of the film also being shot in New York City, The Guardian reports today.
It won't be the first time that Woody's shot a movie in San Francisco. His 1969 movie, Take the Money and Run, was also filmed there. It was previously suggested that Allen might have been staying in Europe and heading to Copenhagen for his next film, but his producer Letty Aronson soon put and end to those rumors. Allen said that he had "no idea" how Copenhagen had emerged as the possible setting for his new movie.
Meanwhile, To Rome with Love screened for Italian press only, for its world premiere. The movie had been fully dubbed into an Italian language, despite it being widely acknowledged that Allen is not a fan of dubbing in his movies. The North American premiere of the movie, which stars Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page and Woody Allen himself, will take place on June 14, 2012.