Woody Allen thinks he'll die on a film set.

The 83-year-old director is adamant he'll never retire from making blockbusters because he promised himself when he started out in show business that he would always focus on his work - regardless of what might happen in his life.

Speaking in a press conference, according to Screen Daily, Allen said: ''I never think of retiring. It's not just something that has occurred to me.

''My philosophy, since I started many years ago in show business, is that no matter what happens is to keep focused on my work. No matter what happens in my life with my wife, children, current events, politics or illness, I focus on my work and that's all that really absorbs my time and effort seven days a week. I deal mostly with human relations, people and comedy. So I don't think of retiring. I'll probably die in the midst of setting a film shot one day on the set, making a movie.''

This isn't the first time Allen has brushed off the thought of retirement as he said after a number of stars voiced their regret at working with him following the accusations of abuse levelled at him by his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow.

He said recently: ''I'm a writer. It's what I am. What I do. What I always will be. I'll write. Since I continually have ideas it'll be new ideas and I'll write new things.''

The 'Midnight In Paris' director - who has always denied the allegations - was first accused of molesting Dylan in 1992, after she told her mother what had happened, who then reported it to the authorities.

Law enforcement investigated the alleged incident at the time, but a prosecutor declined to press charges against Allen.