Woody Allen refuses to consider himself an "artist" - insisting he is just "hugely lucky" to have achieved success in Hollywood.
The director/writer, who has made more than 40 movies, debuted his latest offering, Midnight in Paris, at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival in France on Wednesday (11May11).
However, Allen was keen to downplay his success, choosing instead to praise moviemakers of the past as he spoke to reporters at the event.
He said, "I consider myself a hugely lucky filmmaker. I have never considered myself as an artist. I have aspired to be one, but I have never felt that I have the depth, substance or the gifts to be an artist.
"I do think I have some talent, yes; but I don't think it goes as far as being an artist, because if you think (Akira) Kurosawa is an artist and (Ingmar) Bergman is an artist, and (Luis) Bunuel and (Federico) Fellini, then it is as clear as a bell that I am not an artist."