Last year's Midnight In Paris became Woody Allen 's most successful film at the box office to date, and with his upcoming, fellow European-based To Rome With Love due to be released worldwide soon, he is understandably throwing himself back onto the campaign train.
In one particular interview, with economics and entertainment hub Reuters, he shed some light on his usually shrouded family life and discussed the relationship he has with wife Soon-Yi and their two adopted daughters. One thing that Allen made clear was that he is by no means your typical celebrity father, as he insisted that his children have never seen any of his films and that his movie making and success is rarely up for discussion around the dinner table.
Another thing up for discussion with the much lauded film-maker was where he fits in with a family that is three quarters female. Apparently he gets wound around the fingers of all three, stating that "they're all difficult in their own way, all demanding, and I never say no to anybody for anything.I'm a pushover." To Rome With Love hits cinemas world-wide this week after being released in Italy in April. It features, alongside Allen, Jesse Eisenberg, Alec Baldwin, Penelope Cruz and ELLEN PAGE.