Woody Allen may well be a perennial New Yorker but he ventured into Los Angeles for the premiere of his latest movie To Rome With Love. The movie's premiere took place last night (June 14, 2012) at the Regal Cinemas L.A. Live. The revered director was on hand to introduce his current crop of female muses to the film festival, including Penelope Cruz, Alessandra Mastronardi, Simona Caparrini and Greta Gerwig.

The movie attracted an "overflow crowd" according to the Hollywood Reporter, with legions of fans keen to see Allan's latest work. Woody visited the crowds in both of the rooms, receiving a standing ovation in each. As he introduced his cast members, he told the audience "I'm always very lucky to get a great cast. If you cast very talented people, you get out of their way and don't screw them up, and they make you look like a hero, and then I take credit for it." When he was told by a reporter that the crowd were as happy to see him in person as they were to watch the movie, he replied fondly, saying "I'm glad. It's a nice festival, and the projection here is wonderful. It was a pleasure to see the film projected that way."

Elsewhere, Woody has been explaining his dinner date with Lindsay Lohan. The pair met at a restaurant in May, sparking rumours that they may be working together. Speaking to Access Hollywood though, Allen denied the claims, insisting "That was a social dinner, but as I said, she's a very gifted girl and I would not hesitate if I had something for her, I'd certainly call her."