Revered director Woody Allen avoids spending long periods of time in Los Angeles because he can never find anything interesting to do at the weekend there.

The New York-born filmmaker reveals he is interested in returning to California to shoot a new project, but he will have to find a way to keep himself entertained if he has to spend weeks at a time in sunny L.A.

He tells industry publication Daily Variety, "I have one or two ideas particularly for L.A., that would only work in L.A.

"The only problem you have in L.A. is that the sun is relentless, and you have to figure out a way to make it attractive. But I don't mind the time that I spend in L.A., as long as it's limited. Compared to when I first went there many years ago, now they've got as many good restaurants as New York. But it's the weekends that kill me.

"You know, I work during the week and it's fine, we go to a nice place for dinner, you see friends. Then the weekend comes and there's nothing to do. You're stuck in Beverly Hills, you walk around... but there's nothing to do. So you wind up going to a movie."

Allen headed back to America to shoot parts of his latest feature, Blue Jasmine, in New York and San Francisco, California after spending years filming his movies in Europe to take advantage of tax breaks and interesting locations.