Woody Allen has spoken of his desire to become a foreign filmmaker, and how he thinks he has achieved it in an interview with British paper, The Telegraph. The Director was speaking ahead of his upcoming film, To Rome With Love.

"I always wanted to be a foreign filmmaker," Allen revealed. "But I'm from Brooklyn so I couldn't be because I wasn't foreign. But all of a sudden, through happy accidents, I've become one, to such a degree that I'm even writing subtitles. So I'm thrilled with that." The screenwriter, director, actor, comedian, author, playwright, and musician is considered a giant of the screen, revered in film circles as a cinematic genius. He is not, however, to everyone's taste, and his contemporary work has garnered mixed reviews. One thing you can't level at Woody is a poor work ethic, and the 76-year old will make a film wherever there is funding, that and unrivalled autonomy: "Europeans started to finance my films very, very generously," he says, "and they did so under my rules, which means they don't interfere with me in any way, they don't read my scripts, they don't know what I'm doing and they just have faith that I'll make a film that won't embarrass anyone. It started off in London in 2004 with Match Point and then I kept going."

His fascination with European culture (and money) culminated in his upcoming release: To Rome With Love, which opens today (14th September). "I had been speaking to the Italian people for years about doing a film there and when they said they'd finance it of course I was happy to shoot it there," he says. "I felt it lent itself to so many diverse tales. If you stop a hundred Romans they'll tell you: 'I'm from the city, I know it well and I could give you a million stories.'?"

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