Critics are suggesting that Woody Allen has plunged off the track again with Cassandra's Dream. While acknowledging that the movie is "perfectly watchable," Kevin Crust in the Los Angeles Times observes that it's nothing to get excited about. "Perched uncomfortably between thriller and melodrama, it's a film that hints at possibilities that are left unfulfilled," he writes. Likewise Bob Strauss in the Los Angeles Daily News suggests that while there's nothing particularly bad about the movie, there's little that's particularly commendable, either. "Overall, Dream is a fairly engaging ethical thriller with some excellent bits, but the plot could have been more clever," he remarks. Several critics point out that like his most recent films, there's nothing particularly funny about Cassandra's Dream, leading Claudia Puig in USA to remark: "We're not asking that he return to the silly-funny turf of his early movies. (He tried that with some success in Scoop.) But he seems so obsessed with making movies about ordinary people getting away with murder that he appears to be stuck in a rut."