Woody Allen has lost faith in the media following the furore surrounding Carla Bruni's role in his upcoming movie - because he's convinced reporters make up "wild" lies to sell stories.
France's First Lady joined Owen Wilson on the set of Midnight in Paris to film scenes as a tour guide back in July (10).
But Allen was stunned when reports surfaced earlier this month (Sep10) suggesting he was unhappy with Bruni's work and had axed her from the final edit.
He has since dismissed the rumours, telling journalists at the Toronto Film Festival in Canada that everything the beauty filmed has been included in the movie and insisting he was "delighted" with her work.
But the negative press has left Allen questioning the integrity of the media because the claims were "so fake".
He tells the New York Times, "For some reason, the press wanted to say bad things about her. I don't know if they had something against the Sarkozys, or it was a better way to sell papers. But the fabrications were so wild and so completely fake, and I wondered to myself, is this what happens with Afghanistan and the economy and matters of real significance? This is a trivial matter...
"I was not prepared for the amount of press that was attached to the picture because of Madame Sarkozy."