Veteran film-maker Woody Allen often finds it difficult deciding whether to write a movie as a comedy or a drama, but has no qualms in recycling a plot so he can do both.

The New York-based director loved the idea for his 1988 drama ANOTHER WOMAN so much he turned the central storyline into a musical for his 1996 comedy EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU, which starred Julia Roberts and Drew BARRYMORE.

Allen tells British magazine HOTDOG, "There have been times when I've had ideas for films and I've debated with myself, whether I should write it as a comedy or a serious film.

"One comes to mind was Another Woman with Gena Rowlands, where the woman can hear a psychoanalyst in the next apartment.

"I thought to myself, gee that would make a very funny comedy, and then I thought, no, it would make a really good serious story too.

"And I debated, and finally wrote it seriously, then years later I took the same idea in Everyone Says I Love You, and used it again, with a little comedy.

"So that's happened to me several times over the years."

24/02/2005 17:36