Acclaimed director Woody Allen admits his directorial skills far outshine his social graces - he prefers not to talk to people if he can help it.

The Annie Hall film-maker, who has just completed his 35th film, Match Point, auditions his casts simply by watching their previous work on video, before they visit him for a brief visual check, because he has never mastered the art of chit-chat.

He says, "I am not a great social person.

"I don't like to meet people and it's a very uncomfortable thing when an actor or actress comes in (to audition), so I usually cast from films and videos.

"I do like to take one live look at them just to make sure they are what I think they are and so I tell them that I'm only going to say hello to them and not to feel that the brevity of the meeting reflects anything.

"Then they come in and I always say hello, and they go away.

"I have already seen their work and I have a good idea of what they can do."