Woody Allen has slammed the American film industry for letting financiers have too much involvement in the movies they fund.

The quirky New York director, whose latest work Match Point was set and shot in London, claims filmmaking in Hollywood is becoming harder to finance - whereas in Britain the process is simpler, as the money men are not so keen to have a say in the end result.

He explains to gossip site PAGESIX.COM, "I did the film in England because it's increasingly difficult to get financing in the United States.

"It's become more and more prevalent for studios and financiers to participate in (a) project.

"They want to have a say in casting and read the script. I can never work like that. I don't let people read scripts. I want the money and to give them the film a few months later, and that's that.

"In London, that's the way it was. There's no rigmarole from people who want to participate."

Match Point, which stars Hollywood beauty Scarlett Johansson, premiered at the current Cannes Film Festival last week (11MAY05).

15/05/2005 09:42