Oscar-winning director Woody Allen insists making his latest movie in London was easy because it bears such a strong resemblance to his native New York.

Allen, whose films are synonymous with the Big Apple, chose to shoot his latest movies Match Point and SCOOP in London after becoming frustrated with interfering film companies in Hollywood.

He says, "It was not that difficult a thing. It would have been more difficult if I had to switch to, you know, a more exotic city, or if I was suddenly making the film in Mozambique.

"All I had to do was write the best I could. I changed it to Anglicise it.

"Then I had some English people read it and tell me where I had gone wrong - most of my mistakes were cosmetic.

"They would say that the characters wouldn't go to this restaurant or they'd do this on the weekend or he'd drive this kind of car and not that kind.

"Sometimes the actors would say to me that they would never say this. They would say 'dodgy', not 'dicey.'