LATEST: Cult rockers Wolfmother were staggered when they invited American pranksters Jackass to appear in their latest music video, because the MTV jokers immediately drank all their booze and started kicking people in the groin. The Australian trio allowed the Jackass crew to "crash" a gig in the band's hometown of Sydney, and film the results for upcoming single promo JOKER AND THE THIEF. But the band hadn't bargained for how outrageous - and painful - their antics would be. Frontman ANDREW STOCKDALE says, "They drank our rider then things started blowing up, people started getting kicked in the nuts. "When you fear that you're going to get hurt you stop worrying about other things, like playing a show for 6,000 people. You're not worrying about that, you're just walking around covering your balls. It was good having them around."