Movie maker Wolfgang Petersen hopes people turn out in droves to see his summer blockbuster TROY - because the project was a massive undertaking that left him struggling with disasters.

The director faced one hurdle after another while shooting the $185 million (GBP102.8 million) epic in Malta and Mexico, and he hopes film fans appreciate that when the go to see the film.

He explains, "The weather was extreme for a start. I would say it was an outdoor shoot 90 per cent of the time and it was shot in Malta in hottest summer in Europe.

"I'll never forget the scene when HELEN OF TROY and the entourage come to greet KING PRIAM for the first time on the steps of Troy. We read the next day that it was the hottest place on earth! It was so hot I thought Peter would melt away right in front of the camera. We all suffered from the heat.

"Then we went to Mexico and, boy, you don't want to be in Mexico in the summer. It's empty because it's too hot.

"We had a visit from Hurricane Marty in Mexico and it hit us right before the last fight between Hector (Eric Bana) and

ACHILLES (Brad Pitt), where they were all focused on that. They had built up their fighting skills and their bodies for eight months to do the fight and then, overnight, the hurricane happened and took down the set. It was a gigantic set - all gone.

"Then Brad's achilles injury was disaster number three. He did that and he hurt himself and it took months before he was

OK again. We shot the face-off three months before the actual fight."

05/05/2004 02:41