Acclaimed filmmaker Wolfgang Petersen has served up a treat to women in his new movie TROY - there are more naked shots of hunks like Brad Pitt and ORLANDO BLOOM than the movie's female stars.

The Das Boot director chose to turn his male stars into godlike beings for the duration of the epic, and that meant asking them to disrobe.

Meanwhile, the German felt movie fans had seen enough of naked female bodies on the big screen, and decided to give the girls a thrill instead.

He explains, "My intention was from the very beginning to pay respect and homage to what the Greek legends are all about. It's very physical and it's very much about beauty.

"The whole Greek mythology has very much to do with physical attraction. I thought, 'Wouldn't it be great for a film today to go for beautiful people. They are not only larger in life in spirit, but larger in life in their looks.'

"When you look at statues and sculptures of the time, it's very often about the perfect body - like the famous Adonis. We shot it with a special light, and sometimes without costumes.

"I thought, 'Why don't we do it the other way around. It's always the women's body that is exploited. We had a little bit more with HELEN (DIANE KRUGER) in the beginning but I cut that a little bit because I don't want people to think, 'It's another naked girl.' It's more like, 'Why not go with the beauty of the guys?'"

10/05/2004 09:26