Wolfgang Joop is releasing a new Wunderkind collection.

The 67-year-old designer will reportedly present garments for his fashion label - which was established in 2003 and has been largely defunct since late 2010 - tomorrow (10.05.12) at his home in Potsdam, Germany, magazine Bunte reports.

The German publication says the collection is inspired by ''oriental wildness and unsubduedness'' and The Fashion show will be held under the tagline 'Wunderkind reloaded'.

Wolfgang also revealed he sought inspiration for the creations from a trip to Morocco.

He said: ''I went to Marrakech for a week and followed the same spirit which had already brought YVES SAINT LAURENT there...

''I followed this orientalism, this secret of one thousand and one nights with its concealed sex appeal.''

Last January, it was reported that Wunderkind had dismissed all its staff in preparation for a major restructuring but Wolfgang insists he never stopped working on the label.

He told Gala magazine: ''We've never completely put Wunderkind to rest but secretly created small collections for our still existing shops in Berlin and on Sylt.''