A royalties agent is hunting down the children featured on Wizzard's 1973 Christmas anthem I WISH IT COULD BE CHRISTMAS EVERY DAY - as they are entitled to a long overdue payout.

PETER ROWAN insists the singing school children, who will now be in their 40s, are eligible for royalties each time the track is played.

Rowan, who negotiated a fee for the kids who performed on Pink Floyd's hit ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL, says, "I have been trying to track down the children on the Wizzard track for a couple of years, although we don't know much about who they were.

"I do know that there were nine 11-year-olds who were taken on a school trip during autumn half-term to the recording studio.

"There is a photograph of the children in the studio and a letter that the school sent to parents."