Wiz Khalifa thinks he's got what it takes to be a MMA fighter - but it would take a large sum of money to get him in the ring.

The 'Sucker for Pain' rapper has been attending sessions at Jay Glazer's Unbreakable Performance gym, and after the mixed martial arts trainer said Wiz has huge potential, he admitted it would take a lot of cash for him to swap the microphone for boxing gloves.

The 30-year-old hip-hop star told TMZ: ''You got to pay me a whole bunch of money to get me to fight, man.''

Wiz - who has five-year-old son Sebastian with ex-wife Amber Rose - insists that he just trains for ''fun'', adding: ''It's just fun, man.''

In his glowing recommendation, Jay said of Wiz's skills: ''Yeah, oh yeah. 'Cause he's in it and his work ethic is ridiculous.''

Asked if he thinks he'll ever take up the sport, he said: ''I hope he continues to make his money without getting punched in the face.''

Meanwhile, Wiz admitted earlier this year that he will ''never talk bad'' of his ex-spouse.

The couple were married for just a year after splitting in 2014, but they have patched up their differences for the sake of their little boy and Wiz has vowed to never publicly slam her.

Taking part in a Flashcard Freestyle segment on Big Boy's show in January, Wiz rapped: ''I don't want no drama / Why you gotta bring up my baby mama? / Well damn, I suppose / I'ma freestyle about Amber Rose / She's bald head, she's got my kid / We was married, yes, we did / I still love her, she love me too / You think I'ma talk bad about her, you're through / I never will, that's the mother of my kid / I'm right here, I'm doing it with Big / And I ain't worried about these hoes / Because my baby mother is Amber Rose. (sic)''