Wiz Khalifa won't bite into a banana.

The 30-year-old rapper has revealed that when he goes to munch on the potassium-rich fruit, he has to break it into bitesized chunks before he can eat it, as he won't take a bite out of the whole fruit.

During an interview with Charlemagne tha God for 'The Breakfast Club' on Tuesday (17.07.18), he said: ''You gotta break it in half. Because if you bite a banana, you [suspicious]. You a n****? If you a n****, n****s gotta break the banana in half, pause.''

Charlemagne was confused by the 'Rolling Papers 2' rapper's comments and asked: ''What do you mean? You just peel it and bite it!''

To which Wiz - who has five-year-old son Sebastian with his former wife Amber Rose - interjected: ''No! See? That's the thing. You don't ... you gotta break it into pieces bro.''

Unable to see where Wiz was coming from, the DJ asked again where his bizarre fruit habits had come from, because it's ''just a fruit''.

And Wiz then said: ''I'm just trying to help you out, bro. If you in public, pause, and you eating a banana, just break it into pieces instead.''

Banana's aren't the only thing Wiz has trouble eating either, as whilst he says his favourite fruit is slices of apple, he won't eat peaches as the fuzzy outer skin puts him off.

When asked what his favourite fruits are, he said: ''My favourite fruit, pause, is uh ... I like to eat slices of apples. Peaches are too ... they're too like ... I don't like the texture. Yeah, I'm texture sensitive.''