Wiz Khalifa will set out to confuse people with his future albums.

The 'Black and Yellow' hitmaker doesn't follow any set rules with his records and knows some fans will be surprised by the directions he pursues in the future.

He told US radio station Power 105's 'The Breakfast Club' show: ''I'm gonna always just keep building, I'm going to do a lot of things that are going to confuse people sometimes.

''I might make a album that nobody really understands, but it might just be like for self enjoyment, I might just be experimenting with a different type of music or whatever.

''I like to have fun and fully express myself with my music before I think about making money or what people are gonna think about it.''

The rapper wants his fans to be able to embrace his whole lifestyle, rather than just come to his shows and see him perform.

He added: ''It's more than just the music, the kids want to be you, they don't just want to hear you, so we give that to people - we make it accessible to everybody. We have affordable tickets - I don't want 150 dollar tickets for my shows.''

The rapper was cautioned for being in possession of marijuana in Nashville yesterday (25.04.12), and in the interview, recorded before his arrest, he said the longest he could remember going without smoking the drug was nine hours, adding: ''That was in jail.''