Rapper Wiz Khalifa is expanding his fashion portfolio by creating a new collection of clothing and accessories.

The Black and Yellow hitmaker is teaming up with bosses at U.S. retailer Spencer's to develop Yung Khalifa, a line inspired by his own lifestyle and wardrobe choices.

He says, "I'm really excited about it. It's very edgy and creative. I think the people will love it."

And Khalifa has won praise for his hands-on approach throughout the entire design process.

Steven Silverstein, President and Ceo of Spencer's, adds, "We're appreciative of the terrific partnership between Wiz's team and ours. The relationship between his art and music to our targeted customer is unparalleled, and the creativity that has gone into the production of this line is great."

The hip-hop star is no stranger to the fashion industry - he has his own collection with custom cap company Flat Fitty and a sneaker line with Converse, while he previously established a clothing line called Freshko with his Taylor Gang groupmember Berner and designer Sketch.